BEDFIELD, Bedfield Hall (TM 227 264)

(a)     Hall timbers        

Felling date: Summer 1420

(b)     Rear part of west wing roof        

Felling date: Winter 1603/4

(c)     Front part of west wing  

Felling date: Summer 1618

(d)     Hall roof and east wing   

Felling dates: Winter 1625/6; Winter 1626/7; Summer 1628

All timbers (23/36). (a) Storey post (1335); Beam 1385+12NM; Corner posts 1405(11), 1419(27C); (b) Principal rafters 1585(h/s), 1593(5+10NM); (c) Ceiling beam 1603(h/s); Girding beam 1610(h/s); Post 1617(18C); (d) Post 1586+26NM; Floor beam 1620(2); Mid-rail 1621(8); Wallplate 1626(11C); Collar 1626(14C); Purlin 1626(13C); Principal rafters 1576+37NM, 1612(h/s), 1616(7), 1618(13+2NM), 1623(6), 1625(15C), 1627(25C);  Other Mid-rail in Hall 1585(h/s). Site Masters 1274-1419 BEDFLD1 (t = 8.3 TODDNGTN; 7.8 ANGLIA03; 7.4 SOUTH); 1473-1627 BEDFLD2 (t = 10.8 ANGLIA03; 10.5 MODELFM; 9.5 WIMPOLE1)

The structure consists of a hall that was re-roofed and a cross wing at either end. The original phase of this complex structure is now seen to date from 1420, and the west wing roof was reconstructed in two stages in the early seventeenth century; the east wing was added and the hall re-roofed a few years later, using timbers cut over a period of a few years. The east wing appears to be of one build, and the roof is very similar to that of the hall, with two rows of side purlins and gently curving windbraces. The collars are narrow. Dating commissioned by the owner.

HORHAM, Church Farmhouse (TM 211727), West extension        

Felling dates: Winter 1612/13

Tiebeams (2/3) 1612(18C, 23C); Corner post 1592; Collars (0/3); Purlins (0/2); Strut (0/1). Site Masters 1499-1612 cfhs7 (t = 6.4 HILLHAl1; 5.2 WIDD_PHO; 5.9 ELY-A); 1527-1612 cfhs135 (t = 5.6 MARRIOTS; 5.4 WAXHAM1; 5.0 GREYSCT2)

Church Farmhouse is an very small two bay or three bay hall house of which most of the external close-studding timber work has been replaced.  Surviving features include a two-centred arched doorway and doorposts along with the screen to the cross-passage which has a central doorway. The principal posts, smoke-blacked braces, and the tie-beam from the closed truss adjacent to the screen also survive. A large brick chimney stack has been constructed in the high end of the hall (west end), probably when the extension was added. The hall was probably floored over at this time. The roof over the hall has been replaced with a simple rafter-collar roof with clasped purlins, diminished principals and common rafters. The cranked collar over the open hall has chamfers suggesting it was visible from below before the present plaster ceiling was inserted. The square two-storey close-studded extension at the west end has girts and cross-beams all with simple chamfers at first floor level. It has a plain cross-beam at first floor roof level and a simple roof with collars and double butt-purlins. No dates were obtained for the primary open hall phase or the replacement roof. However, felling dates of winter 1612/13 were obtained from both the repairs to the wall-framing as well as the western extension. Dating commissioned for Angel TV for the Hidden House History series. (Miles, Worthington, and Bridge 2006, VA 37, list 177)

NETTLESTEAD, Hall Lane, Nettlestead Chase (TM 088 492), Floor and ceiling beams

Felling date: Spring 1563

All timbers (6/7). Ceiling beams 1541(h/s), 1544(4), 1545(h/s), 1548(h/s), 1562(13C); Floor beam 1562(22C). Site Master 1466-1562 NETTLE1 (t = 11.5 ANGLIA03; 9.8 HILLHAL1; 9.7 BDLEIAN4)

Formally known as Nettlestead Hall, the structure was first built for the Wentworth family. It was virtually rebuilt in 1813-19, but retains some original sixteenth century timbers. The large timbers have unrefined mortices for joists and many retain sapwood. Dating commissioned by the owner. (Miles, Worthington, and Bridge 2007, VA 38, list 189)