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The Chesapeake House: Architectural Investigation by Colonial Williamsburg [Hardcover]
Cary Carson (Editor), Carl Lounsbury (Editor)



Book Description
Publication Date: March 25, 2013
For more than thirty years, the architectural research department at Colonial Williamsburg has engaged in comprehensive study of early buildings, landscapes, and social history in the Chesapeake region. Its painstaking work has transformed our understanding of building practices in the colonial and early national periods and thereby greatly enriched the experience of visiting historic sites. In this beautifully illustrated volume, a team of historians, curators, and conservators draw on their far-reaching knowledge of historic structures in Virginia and Maryland to illuminate the formation, development, and spread of one of the hallmark building traditions in America architecture.
The essays describe how building design, hardware, wall coverings, furniture, and even paint colors telegraphed social signals about the status of builders and owners and choreographed social interactions among everyone who lived or worked in gentry houses, modest farmsteads, and slave quarters. The analyses of materials, finishes, and carpentry work will fascinate old-house buffs, preservationists, and historians alike. The lavish color photography is a delight to behold, and the detailed catalogues of architectural elements provide a reliable guide to the form, style, and chronology of the region's distinctive historic architecture.

The Roof Frame from the XIth through XIXth Century: Typology and Development in Northern France and in Belgium

edited by P. Hoffsummer


In 1927, the architect in charge of historical monuments, Henri Deneux, published the first study devoted to the development of carpentry from the eleventh century forward. Research has made considerable progress in the field since then, particularly thanks to the contribution of dendrochronology, which appeared in France during the period 1970-1980, allowing precise dating of materials to be provided based on the study of tree rings. This book is the result of collaboration between architects, university scholars, Belgian and French dendrochronologists, and offers a synthesis with regard to carpentry from the XIth through the XIXth century, from north of the Loire to Belgium. It contains a typological and chronological classification with 300 examples of carpentry constructions, and a catalogue of beautiful models preserved at the Centre for research on Historical monuments in Paris. It is a valuable reference work for all those – art historians, architects, building restorers – who are interested in this topic.

Patrick HOFFSUMMER has a Ph.D. in Art History and Archaeology. He has been a researcher at the University of Liège since 1981, becoming an instructor in 1996. He is pursuing research interests in the history of architecture and in dendrochronology.

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