BAUSLEY, Pentre Farm, (original location) (SJ 346 156), House, later barn

Felling date range: 1499-1529

Crucks (2/4) 1473, 1488(h/s); Yoke (0/1); Cleft rafter (0/1). Site Master 1404-1488 cgw34 (t = 8.5 MILKST2; 6.0 LEOMSTR2; 5.8 BADESLY2)

This four-bay cruck building consisted of a two-bay hall and end bays. The central truss is flat chamfered with small shallow arch braces strengthening the junction of the cranked collar and the cruck blades. Above the collar were two V-struts. The upper-end hall truss has a central doorway with a cranked head between the tiebeam and collar,. The hall end trusses have type L2 apexes (Alcock, 1981, 96), but the central hall truss has an unusual variant, with a short strut from the top of the yoke carrying the diagonally-set ridge. The end truss to the solar had a type V cruck for a half hip, with a short intermediate pair of principals connected by a yoke to support the end of the ridge. The building was dismantled in 1991 and the timbers reused at Uwch y Llan, Castle Caereinion (SJ 148 033), the central arch-braced truss in the main house, and the other cruck trusses in a new barn. Dating commissioned by the owner, Mr John Beatty. (Miles and Worthington 2002, VA 33, list 130)