ATTLEBOROUGH, Church of St Mary, Church Street (TM 049 954), Bell-frame          

Felling date range: 1520-35

Dated: 7/10. Bearer 1494, Posts (4/5) 1494(?h/s), 1504(2), 1511(h/s), 1514(12), Sill beams 1508, 1509(h/s). Site Master  1418-1514 ATTLBRGH (t = 6.3 BRUCE CASTLE; 6.3 DRINKSTONE; 5.7 OLDBRFA1)

The bell frame sits on a pair of foundation beams that may be thirteenth century. They carry another set of foundation beams, part of the present bell frame (not dated). Above them, the bearers carry the sill beams of the bell-frame trusses. Major repairs were undertaken in the eighteenth century, as evidenced by a carved date of 1736 on one of the headpieces. Dating commissioned by English Heritage. M. Bridge, ‘Tree-ring analysis of timbers from the bell frame, Church of St Mary, Church Street, Attleborough, Norfolk, CfA report 5/2004. (Miles, Worthington, and Bridge 2004, VA 35, list 152)