Major Projects  


Reading Oracle Archaeological Excavations (English Heritage and Oxford Archaeology)

Over 750 waterlogged timbers were excavated by Oxford Archaeology during 1997 and 1998 in advance of the construction of the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading town centre. Over 100 timbers have dated, ranging from 1131 for a reused timber, 1269 for foundation piles, 1611 for a major rebuilding phase of a mill, and a variety of other dates up to 1811. Among the interesting discoveries include a medieval gear wheel and waterwheel paddles.

Oxfordshire Modern Woodlands Project (English Heritage and Oxford University)

From 2000 an extensive study of woodlands in Oxfordshire is being undertaken. This includes Brasenose and Wytham Woods in Oxford, and various woodlands in Mapledurham and Hardwick. This project has been expanded to include sampling trees from hedgerows and parklands to study growth patterns between these and the nearby woodland oaks. Altogether over 100 trees are included in the project.