World Data Center Tree Ring Search Engine

RESEARCH LABORATORY FOR ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE HISTORY OF ART at Oxford University is one of the worlds leading centres for the study and application of various disciplines including organic and inorganic materials analysis and a wide range of dating methods. The

RADIOCARBON ACCELERATOR UNIT (ORAU) undertakes commercial dating of archaeological remains and art objects and have recently completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art accelerator unit

OXFORD ARCHAEOLOGY is Europe's largest commercial archaeological unit with commissions covering
all aspects of research over most of the world

ENGLISH HERITAGE is the Government's lead body for the historic environment in England and is the Laboratories major commissioner of dating work

Portico: your gateway to information on sites in the National Heritage Collection; have a look and tell us what you think.

VERNACULAR ARCHITECTURE GROUP is the leading academic body in Britain studying the development of vernacular architecture and historic timber framing and has published annually virtually every tree-ring date for standing buildings in Britain

The Vernacular Architecture Forum  was formed in 1980 to encourage the study and preservation of these informative and valuable material resources in the USA.

Henri D Grissino-Mayer's ULTIMATE TREE-RING WEB PAGES is, as the name suggests, an extensive and informative series of pages concentrating on all aspects of dendrochronology and related subjects. A must for those interested in the wider picture of tree-ring research around the world. An extensive list of TREE SPECIES USED IN DENDROCHRONOLOGY compiled by Henri lists virtually every species of tree used in us aspects of dendrochronology including fire history, climatic reconstructions, and maintains the OLDLIST OF SCIENTIFICALLY DATED TREES which lists all the oldest known trees in the world. This includes the Scofield Juniper is the oldest known juniper anywhere, and the 8th oldest tree of any species, living or dead, anywhere in the world. This and the Miles Juniper have been discovered and dated by the Oxford Dendrochronology Lab

The national INDEX OF TREE-RING DATES maintained by Dr Nat Alcock is now available on-line via the Archaeological Data Service. To access this, go through the following steps: First agree to copyright and liability statement, then click on Special Collections in the red band on the left, then on Vernacular Architecture Group Dendrochronology Database under Dating Collections (this is the bottom of the 9th item under Dating Collections). Then click on Query and fill in the search form as necessary

WELSH ROYAL COMMISSION has a national role in the management of the archaeological, built and maritime heritage of Wales as the originator, curator and supplier of authoritative information for individual, corporate and governmental decision-makers, researchers and the general public

To this end it:

Surveys, interprets and records the man-made environment of Wales
compiles, maintains and curates the National Monuments Record of Wales
promotes an understanding of this information by all appropriate means


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